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To convert image to text, we introduce image to text converter. Our tool uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to extract text from an image. Upload your photo (jpg, png or webp) or paste the URL to our picture to text converter, click 'Convert to Text', and get text from image in a blink of your eye. So what are you waiting for? Lets copy text from image now.

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Introduction To Picture to Text Converter

Image to text converter helps you to improve the accessibility, editability, and searchability of essential documents. Just upload your scanned documents or image files in our tool to get their data in text format.
We have developed our image to text converter using powerful OCR algorithms. The optical character recognition technology takes only a few seconds to identify the language and recognize each word written on the image or scanned file. Once the text is detected, our tool carefully extracts and displays it on your screen.
No matter what language your data is written in, our image to text converter will extract it without errors. There will be no delays or loss of quality when you convert images to text using our advanced OCR tool. Ensure that the files you upload for text extraction are in commonly used image file formats, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP.
You can copy text from the image whenever and however required. Save your editable data in the specified file format will take a few clicks. All for free.

How Does Our Tool Extract Text From Image?

Based on powerful OCR technology, our image to text converter follows a 4-step method to convert scanned documents into editable text files:

Image Processing

The first step involves preparing the image for text recognition and extraction. Our tool may crop out any borders or irrelevant information, adjusting the contrast and brightness if required. All this is done to improve the visibility of text written on the image.

Character Segmentation

The second involves separating characters from one another and the background. After careful analysis, our tool identifies boundaries between characters in the image. This is important for OCR to process each character with 100% accuracy.

Character Recognition

The third step involves individually identifying all characters' shapes, sizes, and features. Since our image to text tool is based on modern OCR algorithms, it can easily recognize all characters, including characters in different languages and scripts.

Text Extraction From Image

The fourth and final step involves the extraction of text from the processed image. Our image to text converter takes the recognized characters and combines them to form words and sentences or paragraphs in the same format as displayed on the image.

photo to text converter working

How to Convert Image to Text?

Here’s how you can use our image to text converter to scan text from an image and convert any type of image document into a machine-readable text file:

how to convert picture text into text

Step 1- Upload Image File

You can follow any of these methods to enter up to 3 images in one attempt for text extraction:

  • Drag and Drop Image
  • Press Ctrl + V to Paste
  • Fetch Image Via URL
  • Import From System

Step 2 - Run OCR Tool

When you’re done uploading image(s) for text extraction, click “Convert to Text” and run our OCR tool immediately.

Step 3 - Get Editable Text

Wait for a few seconds to get the editable text version of your image or scanned documents. Our image to text converter will use language processing algorithms to carefully recognize characters (scan text from an image) and then determine their arrangement — individually. To provide a well-structured output, it will accurately identify each word, including punctuation marks, line breaks, and other characters.
You will get a text from the image without errors or missed information.

Notable Features

Intuitive User Interface

Effortlessly extract text from any image with our innovative converter. The user-friendly interface of our image to text converter simplifies the way you digitize essential documents. There’s no need for technical training to use our OCR tool to extract the text from images. It is seamless enough to help you convert image data into machine-readable text without hassle.

Powerful OCR Technology

Transform images into text Instantly with our OCR technology. Our tool's optical character recognition technology is advanced enough to process basic to complex image documents. It always recognizes characters and text format elements, such as punctuation marks and line breaks. Our tool accurately combines each character to form coherent, machine-readable text.

Accurate Text Extraction

Get more done faster: convert images to editable text in seconds. The way our online picture to text converter works to retrieve text from images is completely error-proof. No matter how often you use it, there will be no inaccuracies or omissions. We have ensured that our OCR tool performs well even if you enter large-sized, complex images for conversion. You can surely rely upon it to digitize documents.

Multiple Format Support

The images you upload in our tool for conversion can be in any commonly used format, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WEBP. Whether a small-sized image or a large-sized one, you can conveniently process it for text extraction. Make sure your document is also submitted in a supported image format.

Multi-Language Capability

Simplify your workflow with our AI-Powered image to text conversion. The text on your images can be written in any language. No matter the language of your image data, our picture to text converter will extract it without any contextual errors. It means you can extract text in various languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and German. The OCR technology of our tool is smart enough to process multi-lingual images for text extraction.

Free Unlimited Access

Revolutionize your document management with our image to text converter. The users can access our image to text conversion tool anywhere, anytime — without any paid subscription. You can do it for free if you need to extract text from a single picture or multiple scanned documents. There are no restrictions on the way you leverage our OCR tool’s advanced functionalities to copy text from image.

Importance of Image to Text Conversion

Digital Data Storage

Since we live in a tech-orientated, fast-paced world, it has become imperative to archive all of our important data in the computer or mobile systems. Whether it is an official document such as healthcare records, contract details, and historical data, or simply some hand-written notes — using our tool, you can convert it into machine-readable form and then easily store it in your system.

Automated Data Entry

Manual data entry is no less than a tedious and time-consuming task. Anyhow, if you use our image to text converter, you can easily convert hard copies into soft form, saving yourself from the extra effort of typing it all from scratch. You just need to process the scanned data through our tool to get an editable version — which you can then conveniently copy-paste into excel or other document sheets.

Enhanced Data Security

Data security is one of the primary reasons for storing it in computer systems or digital libraries. Whatever essential documents you have, including business log files and study notes — you can easily process them through our OCR tool and then digitize them. The digitized will be at no risk of loss if you store it in a password-protected vault. You can convert and digitize as many documents as you want.

Improved Accessibility

Editable and searchable text documents are easier to access. This is why whether your data is in a non-editable Pdf file or print form, you should convert it into machine-readable text format. The textual version of your data will be accessible to anyone who wishes to modify, store, or share it. Just upload your data's scanned files — our online OCR will convert them into an editable format for improved accessibility.

Text-based Analysis

Language researchers such as linguists and translators often need a text-based analysis. For this, they need access to corpora which is editable and searchable. You can use our tool whenever corpus data needs to be converted into machine-readable form. From scans and snapshots of printed books, notes, and other documents to PDF files — you can process any data for text extraction.

Increased Productivity

Whether you're a data entry specialist, linguistic researcher, student, teacher, or someone required to process data in digitized form, you need to automate and accelerate your tasks. The best way to do it is that you leverage our tool's advanced OCR technology and convert your important documents into editable and portable text form. All it requires is a scanned or photographed version of the data.


Can we convert image to text?

Yes. You can use OCR technology to convert image to text. Optical character recognition algorithms are developed to facilitate text extraction from images and digitization. You can leverage a powerful OCR-based image to text converter such as ours to convert any image or scanned file into editable text.

Is it possible to copy text from an image?

Yes. It is possible to copy text from images. It is done with the help of OCR technology which extracts textual data written on the image. The optical character recognition algorithms enable a tool to identify each character and word in the image or scanned file. Once the data is identified, it retrieves it and presents it to you in machine-readable text form.

How to get a text from an image?

The answer is simple. Use OCR technology to get a text from image. You can upload your image files into our OCR-based online picture to text converter. Our tool will take only a second to process it and extract text from it. You can copy or download the text to use later.

Does text extraction from images using online tools reliable?

It depends on the quality of the OCR algorithms an online tool uses for text extraction. If you use our tool to extract text from images, it will be done with high-level accuracy. Indeed, our image to text converter is based on advanced AI (OCR) technology and thus always converts images into text without errors and omissions.

How to convert old handwritten materials into digital ones with a picture to text?

No matter how old handwritten materials you have, it is easy to convert them into digital files with the help of a picture to text converter OCR tool. For instance, you can upload the image of your handwritten data into our tool, and it will provide you with its machine-readable text form. You can then easily store it in your computer system, ensuring it stays safe.

How can I extract text from a scanned PDF?

Yes, you can easily extract text from scanned PDFs by using image to text converter. You have to simply upload the image of your PDF document (take a screenshot on your desktop). The rest will be performed by the tool. You can use the text from scanned PDFs and copy and paste it into other applications.