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Image to Text - Convert Images Into Text Using Online OCR Tool

Our image-to-text converter is an online tool that allows you to extract text from the images. You can use it for all types of images, such as scanned notes, screenshots, pictures of textbook pages, etc.

This tool recognizes the characters written inside an image and then copies them in a digital format. It works on advanced algorithms, such as Pytesseract and OpenCV,  to refine and process the image and then recognize the text by checking the individual characters against its database. It can detect all languages, such as English, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.

Our OCR photo-to-text converter can be used for the following image formats: PNG, JPG, JPEG, and WebP.

How to Convert Image to Text Using Our Tool?

The process of using our tool is very simple and straightforward. Here are the steps that you need to follow.

  • First of all, bring your image file to the tool by either uploading it from your device or using a URL to fetch it from the internet. You can also simply drag and drop the file onto the tool or use the CTRL + V shortcut. (You can enter up to five images at a time.)
  • Once your image(s) has been imported, you can adjust it before starting the text extraction process. You can crop the image to select a specific portion of it, flip it, and rotate it.
  • After the image has been adjusted, go ahead and click on the “Convert Image to Text” button.
  • The extraction process will take a few seconds. The text will be provided, and you can copy or download it easily using the provided options.
photo to text converter

Key Features of Our Image-to-Text Tool

Import multiple images at once

This is an excellent feature that you can enjoy with our OCR tool. You can input up to five different images at the same time to save time and be more productive. If you enter five images at the same time, the results for each of them will be provided separately.

Multiple file formats supported

Our tool supports the common image file formats to ensure a good user experience. You can add the following types of image files to the tool:

  • PNG: Light and compressible format—typically used for website logos and icons.

  • JPG: Gives better quality with a slightly increased size—suitable for website images.

  • JPEG: The same thing as JPG but with a different extending suffix.

  • WebP: A new and modern image format that is both compressible and high-quality. Used commonly for website images.

Excellent image editing options

When you upload an image to our image-to-text tool, you can edit and modify it extensively before starting the process. There are a number of different editing options that you can use.

  • You can crop the image to remove any extra parts from it.
  • You can flip the image to correct its orientation.
  • You can rotate the image to the correct orientation.

Output downloading option available

Our tool also provides the option to download the output text. You can download the text to save it for later or to share it with someone else. The downloaded file is in the TXT format. 

Multiple file-importing options available

You can import and fetch files to this tool using a number of different methods and options. The file-importing methods include:

  • Uploading an image file directly from your local storage
  • Fetching an image from the internet using a URL
  • Drag and drop an image on the input space
  • Copy-paste an image using CTRL + V

Free unlimited access

Our image-to-text converter tool is free to use. You don’t have to sign up to start using the tool. There are also no requirements to buy a paid plan.

You can use the tool as many times as you like without any worries. 

Accurate text extraction, even from blurry and low-resolution images

Even if you have an image that is low-resolution or blurred, our tool will be able to recognize the text written inside it. It performs accurate text extraction even in low-quality images.

Uses of Our Picture-to-Text Converter

Here are some of the main uses of our image-to-text converter:

Preservation of physical documents:

You can use our OCR image tool to preserve physical documents in digital form. Physical documents can get damaged or misplaced, but if you save them in digital form, this problem does not remain.

Sharing physical documents:

Our image to text tool can also help in sharing physical documents. You can take photos of physical documents and convert them to digital text. The text can then be shared easily in a message or email.

Data entry:

You can also use our image to text extraction tool for data entry purposes. If there is some important text stored within a picture that you need to enter in a document or a spreadsheet, you can use our tool. The tool will extract the textual information, which you can then copy easily and input it wherever you want.

Data collection and analysis:

Another important use of this tool is in data analysis. You can use our image-to-text converter to extract textual data from charts, tables, and graphs. This process can make it easier to collect and analyze data.

How Does the OCR Technology Work in Our Image-to-Text Converter?

Our image to text technology utilizes OCR to copy text from pictures. The working of OCR technology involves different steps. To understand this working better, you can read the breakdown of the process below:

Image processing

The first step of an OCR engine is to process the provided image. “Processing” the image involves correcting its orientation, getting rid of extra blank spaces, and so forth. This essentially helps the OCR engine to prepare the image for character recognition.

Character segmentation/isolation

Once the image has been processed and “cleaned,” the next step for the OCR engine is to isolate the characters written inside it. Separating the characters is important so that the engine can identify them individually with accuracy.

Character recognition

After all the characters have been separated, the engine matches them all one by one against a database. By matching the appearance of the characters with those that it has in the database, the OCR engine is able to identify them all accurately.

Text extraction 

All the characters that are recognized in the image are then provided to the user in the form of digital text.


Can I extract text from an SVG image?

Currently, our tool does not support SVG images. You can extract text from photos that are in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP formats.

Will this image-to-text converter detect handwriting in pictures?

Yes, our tool is capable of recognizing handwriting in pictures. If you have some handwritten notes in the form of images, you can extract the notes and copy them as digital text.

What is the accuracy level of this online OCR tool?

Our OCR tool is very accurate. It can recognize text even from hazy and blurred images and extract them with  accuracy. When it comes to extracting text from your provided images, we ensure a minimum of 95% accuracy for our tool.

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