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Introduction To Image to Text Converter

Our photo to text converter uses a powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithms to copy text from the image whenever and wherever required.

The OCR technology takes only a few seconds to identify the language and recognize each word written on the image. Once the text is detected, our tool carefully extracts and displays it on your screen.

No matter what language your data is written in, our online picture to text converter will extract it without errors. There will be no delays when you convert images to text using our advanced OCR tool.

Ensure that the images/files you upload for text extraction are in JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP format.

How to Convert Image to Text?

You can use our image to text converter online to convert any type of image into machine-readable text. Perform the following steps for text extraction from the image.

  • Step 1- Upload Image File: You can follow any of these methods to enter up to 5 images into the input box.
    • Drag and Drop Image
    • Press Ctrl + V to Paste
    • Fetch Image Via URL
    • Import From System
  • Step 2 - Click on the “Convert Image to Text” button: When you’re done uploading image(s) for text extraction, click on the button to initiate the conversion process.
  • Step 3 - Get Editable Text: Wait for a few seconds to get the editable text version of your image.
  • Step 4 - Copy or Download the Text: Now, you have the option either to copy or download the text extracted from the image(s).
photo to text converter working

Key Features of Our Photo to Text Converter

Intuitive User Interface

Effortlessly extract text from any image with our innovative converter. The user-friendly interface of our pic to text converter simplifies how you digitize essential documents. There’s no need for technical training to use our tool to extract the text from images. It is seamless enough to help you convert image data into machine-readable text without hassle.

Powerful OCR Technology

Transform images into text instantly with our OCR technology. Our tool's optical character recognition technology is advanced enough to process basic to complex image documents. It always recognizes characters and text format elements, such as punctuation marks and line breaks. It accurately combines each character to form coherent, machine-readable text.

Accurate Text Extraction

The way our tool retrieves text from images is completely error-proof. No matter how often you use it, there will be no inaccuracies or omissions. We have ensured that our tool performs well even if you enter large-sized, complex images for conversion. You can surely rely upon it to digitize documents.

Multiple Format Support

The images you upload to our tool for conversion can be in any commonly used format, including JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP. Our tool uses language processing algorithms to carefully recognize characters (scan text from an image) and then determine their arrangement — individually. To provide a well-structured output, it will accurately identify each word, including punctuation marks, line breaks, and other characters. You will get a text from the image without errors or missed information.

Multi-Language Capability

The text on your images can be written in any language. No matter the language of your image data, our photo to text converter will extract it without any contextual errors. It means you can upload images in various languages, such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, and German, and extract text from them. The OCR technology of our tool is smart enough to process multi-lingual images for text extraction. 

Scan Text From Low-resolution Images

Whether you have blurry or low-resolution images, this photo to text converter online comes with the ability to scan text from low-quality pictures and accurately extract the entire text.

Retrieve Text From a URL

In addition to uploading, you can extract text from an image by entering the picture's URL into the designated field. This functionality proves especially valuable when you are surfing the web and encounter an image containing text.

Free Unlimited Access

The users can access our image to text conversion tool anywhere, anytime — without any paid subscription. You can do it for free if you need to extract text from a single picture or multiple ones. There are no restrictions on the way you leverage our OCR tool’s advanced functionalities to copy text from images.

Accessible From Any Device

This mobile-friendly JPEG to text converter seamlessly converts text and is accessible through any device via a web browser.

Reliable and Secure

Rest assured, you can trust us. Our primary objective is to provide you with a sense of security, ensuring that your data remains both private and protected. We are unwavering in our pledge to refrain from disclosing or retaining any of your sensitive information beyond the scope of our initial agreement with you.

Support Multiple Images

Our tool is capable of scanning multiple images simultaneously. With our multiple image to text converter, you can convert up to five images at once. Streamline your text extraction process efficiently.

Benefits of Picture to Text Converter (Why It's Important)

There are several reasons to use text extractor tools. Some of the use cases are:

Digitization of Printed Material:

OCR technology allows you to convert printed documents, books, and other physical text into digital, editable formats. This makes it easier to store, search, and share information.


Digitized text is searchable, which means you can quickly find specific information within large documents. This is especially useful for research and data retrieval.


OCR converter helps make printed or handwritten text accessible to individuals with visual impairments. Screen readers can interpret the text, allowing people with disabilities to access information more easily.

Time Efficiency:

With the picture to text converter, you can significantly reduce the time needed to transcribe printed documents or handwritten notes. This is beneficial in businesses, archives, and academic settings.

Data Extraction:

The online image converter can extract structured data from documents, such as invoices, receipts, or forms. This can streamline data entry and reduce the risk of human errors.

Archiving and Documentation:

The photo to text converter is vital for creating digital archives, which can help preserve historical documents and records. It also reduces the physical space required for storage.

Text Analysis:

With the assistance of our Image to Text tool, researchers, data scientists, and content analysts can efficiently perform various text analysis tasks, such as sentiment analysis and text mining.

Content Repurposing:

Using our tool, you can effortlessly repurpose content from print media into digital formats for websites, e-books, and multimedia presentations.

Easier Sharing and Collaboration:

Digitized text can be more easily shared, edited, and collaborated on. This is especially important in team environments and remote work scenarios.

Cost Savings:

Over time, OCR image converter can save organizations money by reducing the need for manual data entry and document handling. It can also lower printing and physical storage costs.

Legal Compliance:

Many industries and organizations are required to maintain records and documents for regulatory purposes. With the pic to text converter, we can simplify record-keeping and compliance efforts.

Improved Customer Service:

Businesses can use image to text converter to scan and analyze customer feedback, surveys, and reviews to better understand customer sentiment and make data-driven decisions.

Environmental Impact:

By reducing the need for paper documents and physical storage, OCR converters can contribute to environmental sustainability efforts.

Educational Purposes:

Besides, scan text from images containing alphabets and numbers. You can use it to extract mathematical expressions from images accurately. Arithmetic equations and polynomial expressions are often complex, but our tool identifies them as human.

Extract Content from Social Media:

While browsing your social media profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (Twitter), you often come across interesting images. These media files can be converted into text, allowing you to utilize the extracted content using the image to text tool.

How Does Our Tool Use OCR Technology to Extract Text From Image?

When it comes to the image to text converter online free, this Optical Character Recognition is a revolutionary technology that allows you to examine a photo and identify the text written or typed on it. This text can later be translated and used in your word processor, publishing software, or for other text related purposes.

OCR to text is a complex yet efficient way of the electronic or mechanical conversion of an image into machine-encoded text. An online OCR converter is generally used where you are required to copy text from image, but typing is not what you want.

Based on powerful OCR technology, our online OCR converter follows a 4-step method to convert scanned documents into editable text files:

Image Processing

The first step involves preparing the image for text recognition and extraction. Our tool may crop out any borders or irrelevant information, adjusting the contrast and brightness if required. All this is done to improve the visibility of text written on the image.

Character Segmentation

The second involves separating characters from one another and the background. After careful analysis, our tool identifies boundaries between characters in the image. This is important for OCR to process each character with 100% accuracy.

Character Recognition

The third step involves individually identifying all characters' shapes, sizes, and features. Since our image to text tool is based on modern OCR algorithms, it can easily recognize all characters, including characters in different languages and scripts.

Text Extraction From Image

The fourth and final step involves the extraction of text from the processed image. Our image to text converter takes the recognized characters and combines them to form words and sentences or paragraphs in the same format as displayed on the image.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to copy text from an image?

Yes. It is possible to copy text from images. It is done with the help of OCR technology, which extracts textual data written on the image. The optical character recognition algorithms enable a tool to identify each character and word in the image or scanned file. Once the data is identified, it retrieves it and presents it to you in machine-readable text form.

Is text extraction from images using online tools reliable?

It depends on the quality of the OCR algorithms an online tool uses for text extraction. If you use our tool to extract text from images, it will be done with high-level accuracy. Indeed, our photo to text converter is based on advanced AI (OCR) technology and thus always converts images into text without errors and omissions.

How can I extract text from a JPEG?

Our online image to text converter tool supports various image formats, including JPEG, allowing you to easily extract text from JPEG files. Simply upload your image and let our tool do the work for you.

Is it legal to publish text extracted from the image?

Publishing text extracted from an image can be legal if it respects copyright infringement and plagiarism rules. Before publishing, check the content for duplication.

How to convert old handwritten materials into digital ones with a picture to text?

No matter how old handwritten materials you have, it is easy to convert them into digital files with the help of a picture to text converter OCR tool. For instance, you can upload the image of your handwritten data into our tool, and it will provide you with its machine-readable text form. You can then easily store it in your computer system, ensuring it stays safe.

How can I extract text from a scanned PDF?

Yes, you can easily extract text from scanned PDFs by using image to text converter. You have to simply upload the image of your PDF document (take a screenshot on your desktop and max five images at once are supported). The rest will be performed by the tool. You can use the text from scanned PDFs and copy and paste it into other applications.

What are the potential consequences of receiving poor OCR output?

Many OCR applications struggle to extract crucial data from low-quality images. However, with our image to text converter, you can expect highly accurate text extraction results. In case you're not satisfied with the results, don't hesitate to give it another try for improved accuracy.

Is it necessary to review and edit this OCR output?

The necessity to correct and proofread this OCR output largely depends on the nature of the files you're converting for image text extraction. You should consider a final review of the output once you've completed the OCR conversion.

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